Assessment of physical fitness in preschool children. The PREFIT project

Logo PREFIT espan_ol Currently available evidence strongly supports the need to assess physical fitness in youth from a clinical and public health point of view. After the development of the ALPHA battery for children and adolescents (6 to 18 years), we identified the need of assessing fitness even at earlier ages, i.e. in preschool children (3 to 5 years). In this context, our research group has worked in the development of fitness-test battery to assessing fitness in a harmonized way across Spain, Europe and internationally in preschool age by means of the PREFIT project, Assessing FITness in PREschoolers.

After systematically reviewing the literature and conducting several methodological studies we proposed the PREFIT fitness-test battery to be used in preschool children (3 to 5 years-old) which has demonstrated to be feasible and reliable in this age group.

Below, researchers and practitioners will find several resources developed by the PROFITH research group which are needed for assessing physical fitness in preschool children:

  • Manual of operations and protocols of the tests in English: Download PDF

  • Videos about how to perform and score the fitness tests:
1) Anthropometric measures .
2) Handgrip strength test
3) Standing long jump PREFIT test
4) The 4x10m shuttle run PREFIT test
5) Test de ida y vuelta 20m PREFIT