Pontus Henriksson

pontusPontus Henriksson
Date of birtho: 05-08-1982
Postdoctoral Fellow
E-mail: --LOGIN--539efd80da84104ef29ad6c678b0a74dgmail[dot]com

Pontus Henriksson is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Research Institute of Sport and Health (iMUDS) and a member of the PROFITH group.

Pontus is a registered dietitian and he finished his master of science in Food and nutrition at Umeå University, Sweden in 2010. After his master degree, Pontus began his PhD thesis “Body composition in parents and their offspring” which he defended in June 2015. In September 2015, Pontus began an 18-month postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. Francisco B Ortega which was funded by Henning and Johan Throne Holst Foundation, Sweden.

  • Pontus main research interests are:
    • childhood obesity,
    • physical activity and fitness,
    • nutrition and
    • cognition.

Pontus participates in several ongoing international collaborations.

Publicaciones más importantes

  • 1.Henriksson P, Eriksson B, Forsum E, Löf M. Gestational weight gain according to Institute of Medicine recommendations in relation to infant size and body composition.PediatrObes2015;10:388-94. Pediatric obesity es una de las cinco revistas con mayor impacto del área Pediátrica.
  • 2. Henriksson P, Löf M, Söderkvist P, Forsum E. Variation in the fat mass and obesity related (FTO) genotype is not associated with body fatness in infants, but possibly with their length. PediatrObes2014;9:e112-5. Pediatric obesity es una de las cinco revistas con mayor impacto del área Pediátrica.
  • 3.Leppänen MH, DelisleNyström C, Henriksson P, Pomeroy J, Ruiz JR, Ortega FB, Cadenas-Sanchez C, Löf M. Physical activity intensity, sedentary behavior, Body composition and physicalfitness in 4-year-old children: Results from the MINISTOP trial. Int J Obes 2016, Accepted for publication. Int J Obes es una revista líder del ámbito de la investigación en obesidad.
  • 4. Henriksson P, Löf M, Forsum E. Assessment and prediction of thoracic gas volume in pregnant women: an evaluation in relation to body composition assessment using air displacement plethysmography. Br J Nutr 2013;109:111-117
  • 5. Henriksson P, Löf M, Forsum E. Glucose Homeostasis Variables in Pregnancy versus Maternal and Infant Body Composition.Nutrients 2015;7:5615-27.

La lista completa de publicaciones puede encontrarse en: http://orcid.org/0000-0003-2482-7048