Miguel Martín Matillas

Miguel Martin MatillasMiguel Martín Matillas
Date of birth: July 28th, 1975
Associate Professor
E-mail: --LOGIN--9fd913b4f8516cfbc40341ed531366ebugr[dot]es
Phone: 0034 958 246655

Miguel Martín-Matillas studied Physical Education Degree at the University of Almería (Spain), Physical Activity and Sport Sciences Degree at the University of Granada (Spain), and PhD in Human Nutrition Programme, at the University of Granada (Spain).

His main research includes the assessment of physical activity and physical fitness, and their relationship with body composition and obesity, as well as the study of the different determinants, physical, social, etc., that affect the population’s health. He has participated in epidemiological studies and in the design and implementation of strategies to promote healthy habits and exercise interventions.

Key publications

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  • 4.Martín-Matillas M, Ortega FB, Chillon P, Perez IJ, Ruiz JR, Castillo R, Gomez-Martinez S, Moreno LA, Delgado-Fernandez M, Tercedor P; AVENA Study. Physical activity among Spanish adolescents: relationship with their relatives' physical activity - the AVENA study. J Sports Sci. 2011 Feb;29(4):329-36.
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