Guillermo Sánchez Delgado

Guillermo Sanchez-DelgadoGuillermo Sánchez Delgado
Date of birth: 20-11-1989
PhD. Student (FPU Research Fellow)
E-mail: --LOGIN--99187eb3a34c887737fc59e079334c74ugr[dot]es

Guillermo Sánchez Delgado is Bachelor in Physical Education and Sport Sciences at the University of Granada (2012). Later, he did a master of science on Researching in Physical Activity and Sport (2013), and a master on Personal Training (2013). Since 2014, he is doing his doctoral thesis about the effects of a combined training program on brown adipose tissue mass and activity, and its relation with energy balance and metabolism, and body composition in young adults.

  • His main research areas cover:
    • the effects of exercise on energy balance,
    • energy metabolism and body composition;
    • exercise training in obese people;
    • and strength and conditioning training.

Key publications

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